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Originally Posted by errand View Post
You have the freedom to find another job, and the liberty to leave this corporation.

They pay you to work, not peruse the internet...they expect you to be professional in your actions and dress, and they pay you to eat your lunch for those 30 minutes

I'm not saying you're a dumbass, but seriously...wouldn't you have to be?
Yup, you can just leave one corporation and sell yourself to any of the other 5 conglomerates left in the USA. Just as the founders intended. (note to conservatives: that is sarcasm)

How is that any different than "Love it or leave it"? You don't like the "tyranny" of a democratically elected government regulating corporate pollution? Regulating corporate profits from health problems? Regulating minimum wages? You're free to leave.

The point is: libertarians/conservatives interests are directly aligned with the most collectivist, freedom-hating entities in the USA. For irony's sake, they call it liberty.

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