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Originally Posted by errand View Post
No it doesn't....It'd be different if he was fumbling the ball just by sliding around in the pocket. But he's fumbled while being sacked more often than just letting the ball slip from his hands.

Add in that he only had 2 fumbles all of last year....which poses the question, why? Wouldn't it make more sense that if nerve damage was the cause of his fumbling in '13, why wasn't it an issue in '12 when the nerve was in worse condition?
Yeah, QB fumbles are completely dependent on getting sacked from the blindside while throwing and therefore very, very random in small sample sizes. The other thing to consider is the bad snaps that ManRam has had this year that count as fumbles for Manning as well, so that also explains the increase. A QB's fumble numbers have nothing to do with his grip, since a QB doesn't "cover up" with both arms while throwing the ball.
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