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Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
Not just quote a bunch of tweets?
Well he got quotes from the manager of a website who can lend insight to the story. If this were a feature article, then I would agree with you. But I wouldn't consider this a feature. It's something that needs a fast turnaround. I don't have any issue with what the writer did to get this story done. I find it more confusing on why so many people are getting caught up with an announcer.

I did a google search on chief planet and Collinsworth, and they think he hates them too. I bet a lot of fans think that. Maybe people just don't like hearing negative things about their team, or the announcer having something positive to say about the opponent.

Really thinking about it, I can't really remember anytime here on the OM where somebody had something good to say about an announcer. It's kind of weird.
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