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Simmons on the game, just to rile up as many people as possible:

As for this Chiefs-Broncos game: I'm grabbing the points only because the line should be "Broncos by 3" and I'm getting an extra 1.5 points. That's it. Are we sure either of these teams is that good? (Actually, are we sure ANY team in the AFC is that good?) Are we sure we trust Evil Manning outdoors in cold weather after all those wobblers he offered into the wind on Sunday night? (Only 150 yards on 36 passes against a team that doesn't have a pass rush?) Are we sure we trust Jack Del Rio in any big game after we just watched him blow a 24-point lead? (And also, because he's Jack Del Rio?) Everyone's selling on the Chiefs defense because Phil Rivers carved them up last Sunday, but did you watch that game? Phil Rivers was GREAT. He played out of his mind. **** happens. Billy Zima thinks the Chiefs beat Denver or come close.
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