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Few days after looking back...i'm still rather worried.

It's the way we responded after they pulled it to 24-7. I mean, ****ing hell that happens a lot in this league with a large lead and Brady is going to put points back on the board. Instead we immediately pissed ourselves, turned it over, then had a horrible series where we looked like the Brandon Weeden led browns and punted. Basically once NE scored we ran around like a shower of headless chickens on fire. Shows a worrying lack of character. Welker ****ting himself and having the worst game of the season when he should have had his best...dafuq is this ****? Who stepped up and was a man when the chips were? ****ing nobody. Half of them looked like the piss had frozen to the side of their legs.

Our ability to run the ball like that is the major plus and it helps a ton but i dunno what got into manning that day, he was a liability which is saying something. Questions naturally have to be asked about his neck and nerve damage, had the look of someone in pain all night and he had several throws Tebow would have been proud of...the **** is with that?
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