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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
It seems late in the season for this, should have been worked on in TC but they are working on ball security this week FINALLY.

I agree it is on Studesville, it is one thing to have one guy with fumbling issues but 3? Someone is not preparing these guys to protect the ball.

I guess if KM is inactive we might see Hillman at some point in the game. If KM is active it will be interesting to see who is the inactive this week. I would sure like to see more CJ Anderson.
I think we are going to see all three of the new kids. Hillman does have the speed, but he just is not built to go into heavy traffic...Small hands.

Probably mostly Ball, spelled by CJ, with an occasional screen, toss sweep , or pitch out to Hillman to get him outside . And Hopefully they will use some play action ( this assumes that the run game is somewhat effective).

Hillman is the closest thing we have to Charles as far as speed in the backfield.

It would be nice if they actually put in a few plays with 21, 22 personnel , just to cross the cheaps up.
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