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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Here we go with the tort reform BS lie. It ishard to sue a doctor ok? It's a lie fomented by insurance companies to try and get limits on judgements. You know so when some doctor cuts off the wrong leg the only have to pay 500 thousand and not 3 million. People seem to think that lawsuits get won where people where not seriously injured. That is bs. You may see some hacks get someone 50 grand here and there but that isn't what tort reform is about. We have juries and judges we are supposed to rely on to decide damages. Limiting them with tort reform is just another **** you to ordinary americans who get injured.
Two words for you my man.

John. Edwards.

Outside of that, just like "The Cost of the Uninsured" argument, it's a sideshow issue. It's a problem that might need addressing someday. But it's not "What's wrong with Healthcare in the US"
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