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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
If you ask me, that's a stupid rule, that you can't return a muffed punt. If the ball is live, meaning the other team can recover it, by all means they should be able to advance it and score if possible. Whoever made up the current rule is a f'n retard.
its because the returner is often all alone, and the thinking was an entire team should not have to suffer because of one isolated player.
I think its lame too. but just wanted to elaborate on why the rule was implimented.
BOTH welker and Holiday FAILED to execute their forst priority, CATCH the punt, yes, it was windy, but both players FAILED to move their feet and get under the ball!
uncertaimty / cowardiss.
holiday routinely lets the punt bounce in front of him and seems too resistant to make a fair catch.
welker can best be discribed as a reluctant replacement.
Remember when shanny would get so frustrated that he would just send rod out to just fair catch the damn punt and was NOT ALLOWED to do anything else other than catch the ball or let it go? !
we may be at that point.
I would be dissapointed in our coaches / ST if they were not engaged in try-outs for the position this week !
It is a serious issue !
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