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Default Happy 40th Birthday 80SMITH!

Happy Birthday to my Brother who is 40 today.

I learned about the Broncos in 1972 when we moved to Denver, but as a little kid I could take it or leave it, I was more into things like Star Trek or The Wild, Wild, Wild West.

I became a diehard Bronco fan in 1973, my mom was pregnant with my brother and being near the end as the football season started she was off her feet a lot and she had every Bronco game on. The fact that the Broncos were in the midst of their very 1st winning season helped as well. This was pre-Super Bowl's and Orange Crush Fever was everywhere. The closest thing I have seen to that season was 1985 here in Chicago, duh bears had won Championships and had winning seasons and a lot of bear fans were bandwagon jumpers who liked the Super Bowl Shuffle.

Anywho it was Monday night and we were watching Monday night Football. My dad is a big Packer fan and they were playing the 49er's. This was the first game my dad had seen the Packers play since we moved out west and he settled in to watch the game and even tried to get me to root for the Packers but they were so bad that I couldn't understand why he liked them.

Then about 10 minutes into the game the power goes out. As we were rushing around trying to find candles my moms water broke. I could tell all my dad wanted was for the power to come back on and watch his game but he had to scramble over to the neighbors to ask them to watch my sister and I and then get my mom to the hospital. It is 40 years later and I can still remember sleeping in a water bed for the 1st time. I think our neighbors were swingers, they had funny lamps and stuff that glowed when the lights went off.

Glad I have that great memory and a great brother, and life long friend to boot!

Here is some Gene to complete your day!

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