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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
His stunted growth was from Lovie and the beating he let him take for years, imo.
I don't think Lovie was at fault for that, rather than Martz playcalling. He's been through several OC's and while he's taken a beating with sacks. The Bears have tried to give Cutler what he wanted by bringing in his old friends like Earl Bennett, Marshall, Jeremy Bates. Overall, his career is pretty underwhelming with the expectations he was given when drafted where he was.

Also Ted Sundquist confirms my belief that Cutler was given the keys to the Broncos offense before he was ready to do so. I think that more than anything else stunted his growth.

Originally Posted by Ted Sundquist
We thought the opportunity was too good to pass up. But the agreement was Plummer was our QB, the draft pick would be brought in to groom. Coaches and media got WAY TOO IMPATIENT. Cutler ended up getting a job he hadn't earned yet. I wasn't happy with how that went down.
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