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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
Have you been watching “Leave it to Beaver “reruns again? You know the show where June gets up early and puts on a dress, pearl necklace and lipstick to make breakfast for Ward and the boys. Then he’s off to work at his 9 to5 to provide everything thing they need to maintain the suburban lifestyle.
You're touching on one of the great unspoken shifts in the American labor force over the last several decades.

Bringing most women into the workforce, we essentially doubled the relative labor force over a very short period of time in this country. To the extent median wages have stagnated, this shift plays a huge, but seldom talked-about part.

Not to say it's a bad change. But those who pine for the good ol' days of 1950's and 60's middle class wages need to realize that some bad probably came with that good.
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