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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
You must be blind. The Zapruper film shows his right temporal skull exploding in possibly the most graphic fashion imaginable. That is not an entrance wound, nor did it leave a "small hole."

The point in which the president becomes initially wounded causes a visible and simultaneous pain reflex by both the president and the governor. JFK's anterior neck exit wound was so insignificant that a surgical tracheostomy obscured it. The governor's wounds caused by the same shot were relatively insignificant as well, despite passing through two people and glancing off vertebrae/ribs/radius. There is no way the same type of bullet that caused the initial wounds was similar to the one that caused JFK's temporal scalp to violently explode. The entire anterior neck would have similarly exploded.
The throat wound was not an exit wound - it was an entry wound. One of the surgeons at Parkland Hospital later wrote a book in 1992 about this -- but it received almost no media attention.

Here's the book -- available at amazon.
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