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Im no forensic analyst but I can see on the Zapruder film the right front of JFK's skull blown open. That is an exit wound. Full metal jacket bullets tend not to cause that type of violent expansion. Seems like a completely different type of round than the bullet that traversed the president's superior thorax, traveling through the governor, and found intact with minimal damage. It seems like common sense to me that the headshot was a hollow point or similar round. It also seems like common sense to me that a hollow point round would have expanded and caused a devastating exit wound on the anterior chest or neck of the president. I dont understand how anyone with a basic concet of terminal ballistic effects can think otherwise. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but those were two markedly different bullets.
James Files says he fired one shot at JFK from the grassy knoll -- using a Remington fireball -- with scope. He says he used a mercury bullet -- which would explain the huge hole in the back of JFK's head.

That's a 22 caliber shell.

Back in the 1990s a former FBI agent began proceedings to exhume JFK's remains to examine the skull. If mercury was used it should still be in evidence. The agent came down with a very aggressive cancer and was dead in a matter of weeks -- before he succeeded in procuring a court order.

Needless to say, his mysterious death has raised questions.

The small size of the hole in JFK's right temple establishes the fact it was an entry wound. This was the conclusion of the doctors at Parkland hospital. MHG
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