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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Riggs a liberal based super liberal game would be boring. In that game a huge civil war breaks out in a mideast country. Our president talks tough that the rebels should be armed and we should carry out airstrikes. But then he gets schooled by the Russian president and let's NATO inspectors go in instead. They come out and declare success while the govt crushes the rebels and ends the civil war.
Shutting down Syria's chemical weapons manufacturing and destroying the stockpiles was the best option. As the Russians were the suppliers, it's logical they would suggest the weapons destruction. They were coming to the aid of their last remaining Mideast 'client' and protecting their access to regional naval bases. The last thing the Russians wanted was a NATO country bombing their client as they stood by doing nothing.
Their self interest in preventing those weapons falling into the hands of Islamic extremists shouldn't need explaination.

You would rather the US get involved in another Mideast war, fueling more anti American extremism than have the Russians step up for once?
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