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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
I assume the Chefs will draft a QB coming up here in 2014, or look for someone to come in an complete with Smith. As a HC, you can't in good conscience see that clown at center and think "yep, super bowl"
They can't afford to. Alice cost them a 2nd round pick. Charles showed he is wearing down when he couldn't finish off that long run for a TD then got stuffed at the Goal Line.

kFc will also be picking later in each round, they will likely be forced to try to trade down out of the 1st and pick up a couple 2nds in return. They need to draft a RB of the future, a couple WR's, a couple CB's, at least one LB and at least 2 OL.

They snuck up on some teams without their starting QB but they are still a good 3 years away from a SB.
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