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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Biff Tannen View Post
Kansas City held Denver to the least amount of points they've scored all year. In Denver. With little to no QB pressure. I'd say that's pretty good.
Your Defense was pretty good Biff, but far from dominant, and no, you didnt hold Denver through your own efforts alone to the lowest score of the season. If you haven't noticed, since JDR took the reigns including last week at SD when ever we get a two score or more lead by the fourth quarter, he goes into his classic defensive mindset 'run out the clock' mentality and with two runs up the middle and a cloud of dust before 'maybe;' trying a safe short pass play for the first down in the last 7 minutes of the game.

Foxy is somewhat conservative too, but JDR makes him look down right liberal in his late came calls with a lead.

And the game plan, as Manning and others said in post game, was to always de-emphasize the pass and over-emphasize the run throughout the whole game.

They apparently noticed that KCs Defense is what has mostly won their games by forcing or at least being the willing beneficiary in the right spots when the opposing offense making key TOs in the second half and thus the opposing teams wound up losing for trying too hard to pass.

What JDR apparently didn't factor in is that Manning and the team were starting to roll a bit both last week and this week after stalling in both games for a quarter and a half which has been a theme nearly every game so far.

But instead of capitalizing on that surge when it almost always comes in the second half, as we have mostly done in the big blow out wins this year, the whole team these last two games have gone into a kind of 'prevent mode' as soon as we get two or more TD lead in the fourth quarter.

I don't at all like this philosophy but it looks like we are stuck with it at least until Fox comes back.

Peyton wasn't as sharp as usual even on many passes where he had no pressure at all, which was almost the entire game. I still think that ankle and the huge tape job impedes the weight and pressure he can put on it for throwing off that ankle and it effects a fair number of his passes and he throws too many off target recently since the injury.

Im not talking about the handful of good plays by Chief DBs tonight, of which there were some. But it wasn't like you guys made it that hard on the Broncos. They mostly shot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties at wrong moments that keep the score down, just like last week as well.

In fact so far this year only the Broncos have been able to slow down the Broncos reliably.

Your run D was better than usual this year, but our run gameplan called wasn't very inspiring either and seemed like it was mainly trying to take time off the clock and prevent your pass rushers from getting in a groove. Not that they needed to worry about that as none of them came close to Manning at any time tonight from what I could see.

In fact, the Denver D was superior across the board to the KC D tonight, and without question our D combined with our Offense was significantly more balanced and consistent than was your offense and defense combined effort.

Until KC gets a real offense Im afraid you wont go very far in the playoffs. Sure you will make the playoffs as you have improved substantially from last year, but the odds of you going anywhere by home quickly in early January is slim to none and deep down I think you realize that too by now. Unless self-delusion has really taken over in Missouri?

Alex Smith made a few decent passes and many more really crappy passes, he is what he is a good game manager which can help you beat a lot of mediocre teams and certainly most of those that are also fronted by a back up QB, but when you get a more balanced team tonight is what will happen.

If you are taking any solace from the extra TD you scored at a time when we went up three scores after going for a FG instead of going for the one yard for a first well within our own territory.. something Fox would have done for sure this year and that we would have made without question with our very high 4th down conversion record this year, and then the Broncos would have very likely hung another TD on you instead of three.

Instead we went into prevent mode and stayed their the rest of the game, basically all but allowing your last score by the very act of no longer trying to win. Instead, the whole team shifted into being too careful to try to prevent making a mistake that might cause Denver to lose.

Since this JDR philosophy (one I saw in action many times when JDR ran the Jags as well) worked the last two weeks with us scoring only 28 and 27 points respectively while in each case allowing the other team to score one more time after we called off the dogs in essence, and yet we still won each game by over a little over one TD, I wouldn't take much comfort if I was you in thinking you really were more in this game than you really were.

Kudos to KCs D for playing a solid, if not dominant or impressive, game, but the 10 point win could so very easily, and should have, been a 21 to 24 point margin of victory if only the team was told to play Bronco ball for the entire fourth quarter until the bell rung and forget the ultra-conservative running up the middle two to three times on every set of downs for the last two or three possessions.

Your D was pretty fagged out by then as well and was no doubt happy as a clam when Denver shifted to only playing 'small ball' those last 7 or 8 minutes instead of turning up the heat and racking up extra points when they had just scored ten points to go up by 17.

Obviously KCs strategy was to try and injure Wes Welker and may have rung his bell some with some cheap shot hits toward the end of plays when his guard was down, but when you have no consistent offense to speak off and literally must get defensive scores to win most games, I guess that is what some teams will resort too.

Take some pride in the genuine improvements in your overall D this year, that is something to build on. But if seriously you think Alex Smith is your golden angel at QB ready to take this team to the promised land, I think you are going to find some day soon that Jim Harbaugh knew what he was thinking when he sat Alex, in spite of his steady consistency in what he does well, in favor of Tattoo man Colin K, and even if Colin K turns out in the end to not be the savior of San Fran as he at first seemed last year.

The Chiefs do play hard and can be tough and a bit frustrating at times, but they never threatened in any way shape or form to turn this into a serious football challenge for the Broncos tonight.

The only reason this game wasn't more like a 34 to 10 final score was almost entirely due to 'our' self-inflicted screw ups handed to KC and because of JDRs shifting for the second week in a row to slowdown 'small ball' the last half of the fourth quarter and not because of KC imposing their will or dominance on the Broncos. No one without yellow trimmed Red-colored glasses glued to their forehead could, in reality, have seen what unfolded tonight in any other light.

You still have a decent team and they will be tough to play in two weeks in KC no doubt, but KC is NOT winning any SB this year, regardless of what Denver does or doesn't do in the end.
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