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Originally Posted by ZachKC View Post
I honestly don't care about the talking points of other silly fans on the internet. however if you talked to me my view of the situation has changed very little. And I talked about it here on OM.

Exposed as a description is almost as overused as choking. The game was what most people thought it was going to be.

Denver's O held to their smallest points output while Chiefs D gave up more than they had.

All the pressure was on Denver and they got a deserved win.
Yes, this is what you say when trying to save face. I understand your tactic. Fact is, I wouldn't want to face the facts either as a KC fan. Enter the game 9-0, fans popping off about killing Manning and destroying the Broncos, believing you actually would play as well as you had against scrubs, and then you have to watch that happen.

Good luck next week, hope your injuries sustained today aren't anything serious.
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