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M. Salah

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
When they started the year looking so bad I started thinking that an absolute tank job and a shot at a top 3 pick was the way to go. But now they're winning and there's clearly a lot of teams that are worse, so it's unfortunately looking like a late lottery pick is the best case scenario. Unless they get lucky with the ping pong balls.
Well Wilson Chandler is on his game. I personally underrated him. I'm not saying he's a star or anything, but he can play some ball. He's come out hot from 3 range which is nice.

I've also been very pleasantly surprised with JJ Hickson. Again not a star, but a solid guy.

So yeah, we're headed for that dreaded middle ground. We'll duke it out for the 8th seed, which sucks. Personally I'd be fine with tanking this year. Give Gallo the Derrick Rose treatment, hold him out until next year.

The interesting thing to follow that we haven't discussed in this thread is that we have the rights to the Knicks draft pick in the next draft. How it works is this: as a result of us trading for Igoudala last year, we owe Philly the lesser of our draft pick or the Knicks' draft pick which we have the rights to. So we have to keep an eye on NY and hopefully they lose a bunch. Tyson Chandler being out helps, although unless Carmelo gets hurt they'll make the playoffs. But something to keep an eye on.
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