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Originally Posted by ThoseBuckingBroncos View Post
I for the life of me can't figure out how Aldon just quietly slipped back into into the 49ers lineup considering his baggage/legal issues without a word from Roger Goodhell and little mention of it in the media aside from speculation on his playing time. Considering what Von got for a far less serious offense that didn't put the public in any danger, there is no way this loser should even be sniffing the field again this year. I know there was a lot more focus on the issue of fairness on these boards when Von was still suspended, but ever since he came back it has been kind of out of sight and mind. It doesn't make the whole situation stink any less. We all know Von get it stuck to him for lying to/manipulating Supreme Overlord Goodhell, but why is everyone in the media leaving the topic of suspending Aldon alone when Von was raked over the coals for just being a little immature?
Yeah, Von really got a bad rep for immaturity while Aldon's situation got swept under the rug pretty quick over some serious ****...I would say 49ers played the media game better than the Broncos, but it was really 2 different situations.

Broncos never had a chance to take the punishment into their own hands, where as the 49ers did. Von's actions were directly tied into the NFL (drug testing) whereas Aldon's wasn't.

Aldon didn't get busted while he was on punishment either though
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