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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I gotta say after seeing the new "solution" to the Obamacare fiasco - essentially ignoring the law - I have to just laugh. Dems really don't give a crap about anything that isn't convenient for them. Not the constitution, not the lives of the unborn and not their own laws that they wrote. Basically they don't want to have follow any rules they don't like - even when they made them. What a joke this President and his **** policies have been.
I doubt if convenience had anything to do with it. What stands out to me is that no Dems in the legislature are the ACA guys. This whole thing is owned by Obama. In the past, no matter what the new law, it seemed that there would be a couple of House and/or Senate members who were the go-to people on that law. In fact, the law would always be named after some legislator. The ACA seems to be a legislative orphan. That's why it has Obama's name on it. The legislators were willing to pass it under WH pressure, but not to own it. That's probably why its implementation has been a disaster.
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