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Originally Posted by B-Large View Post
One of my patients called yesterday, desperately, asking if I would make some calls to get him into an Ophthalmologist here... I asked him if it was serious, he said no just some early cataracts.. he went on to tell me he had to do this by 12/31 because Obamacare will more than likely not pay for trip to an Ophtahlmolgist anymore... I asked him did he gets specific notice about this?... he said no, but basically all specialists will be cut out with Obamacare...

- now that was an awesome call. the best part is he was worried about his "spot" in our health system.. I told him most people of means are making large contribution to the hospital foundation to secure thier "spot" so to speak.. I just heard he committed to a 1M+ give over the next 4 years....

- Do I feel bad? Maybe a little... but that money will go a long way to helping keep programs alive here, and if someone want to be a moron, who I am I to tell them otherwise.. Million + for access to my cell phone for help, when I would have done it anyway, quite the deal....

Panic and Fear- such a great fundraising tool... and its not partisan, my liberal and conservative Richie Richs are coming out of the woodwork all over the place...
I sold a lot of my weapons during the gun/mag-grab scare earlier this year for twice the value. One gun for over three times it's value. I'll be replacing some of them now for a fraction of the cost.Panic & fear really are a great fundraisers. Just ask organized religion...

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