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Originally Posted by ksBRONCOfan View Post
I stab my brats with a fork twice before placing them in the pot. I add enough water to cover and start them on the heat. I put chopped up onion, couple garlic cloves, whole peppercorns and a bay leaf in the mix. I do bring to a full boil (never had any casings burst). I boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I throw them on the grill over medium heat and let them get that nice grilled brown on the outside. I try to only turn them over once while on the grill. When they are done they are just full of juice and flavor. There is usually big bubbles of juice in the casings just waiting to be bit into so the piping hot juices squirt you in the face. (that sounds wrong)

I used to use beer, but quickly decided that it was a waste of beer.
your casing do not burst because you pierce them first.
I reccomend you grill the pierced brats first, just brown them a few minutes, each side, then braise them in beer. working on a grill you can brown the brats, put them in a pan with some onions, also browned and then cover with beer, use a cheap beer, just not a bad/ rancid beer.
when its time to serve take them out of the beer broth and put them back on the grill for a few minutes92-3) DEOENDING ON HOW DONE THE BRAT OWNER WANTS THEM.
add some of those onions in the beer broth too.
FWIW, i reccomend earl cambell hot links in addition to brats, they are the best gameday sausage I have ever encountered, great taste and value too !
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