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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Good show

I'd say if DT went down this offense with it's Oline issues would be a dink and dunk offense. Knowshown is a valuable cog but DT make this offense explosive. Id rather go with other RBs than without DT but that's just my opinion

In addition, the fallacy is that a Max protect line is the answer to help the protect Manning when it was confirmed by JDR and Gruden that the Max Protect gets the QB hit as much as a normal line call in fact Manning was injured in a max protect call that's why I think the Oline needs to chip more not Max protect
In theory I agree with you, but here's where you're wrong:

- On only 5 of 38 passing plays, we have more than our 5 OL pass blocking

- The Chargers brought 5 a LOT more than 38 times.

- A free runner GUARANTEES Peyton AT LEAST gets hit.

We can't have that. A healthy Peyton in January is much more important than 2 or 3 more first downs.
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