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thanks for the long ass read. I was having trouble getting to sleep and that helped. by the way in case anyone wants the source, it's from some dumbass Chief's blog,

By the way, stealing someone else's work, ****ty though it might be, without citing the source is plagiarism in most places. Now it may be that you are the ****ty author, but you still need to put the source.

At any rate, while I won't argue the merit of the arguments because while yes I will concur there are concerns, there is nothing truly fact based. i love how the writer inserts some insane hyberbole, about every sport in the world when I am sure they didn't look beyond whatever bull**** they pulled out of their ass.

my favorite thing was this gem: "It's almost an old school vs. new age game (for the record, if this game were played 15 years ago, Chiefs win by 20 and Wes Welker gets his head torn off by Eric Berry. That is an absolute fact)."

Fact? Does the author know what that means? He-she-it peppers the article with it, but never is it near an actual fact. Fact is something that is actually true, that has occurred. What the dip**** posted above is conjecture. They think the style of play would mean Welker would get his head torn off. First of all nobody actually physically loses their head in football so from that alone it will never be true, thus a bunch of overblown bull****. Since the event can never happen because it won't happen 15 years ago thus it cannot be fact unless it actually had occurred 15 years ago. Since it did not, it is not fact. It is again conjecture. And as genius boy indicates later, anything can happen on any given Sunday correct, so using his brilliant analysis, even if Welker is conceivably outmatched by Berry (bwahahaha) he could just as conceivably given the any given Sunday scenario beat him. Thus the whole thing is spun bull****, conjecture and weak conjecture at that. I hope he doesn't give up his day job at the Quik E Mart or the meth lab. At any rate, the rest gets worse from there.

Now take your illiterate gibberish and peddle it elsewhere. Because like PM, we don't have time or interest in the Chiefs, a sad little organization who lost the only decent thing about it when Lamar Hunt passed away.
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