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Travis Henry

Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
Elsid, I think he actually does this professionally and I think he has permissions to the material. The show goes back a year, but he didn't start focusing on the Broncos until this year. I also noticed there is a advertiSeimiant is running before the video. On his FB page he lists being a media editor as his profession so I expect he might actually be doing this with permission. There is another guy who does something similar for the Patriots, Fitzy, he is also hysterical, I love his meltdown videos after the Patriots Super Bowl losses.
Also it's arugably legal under the "fair use" of the copyright law. (That doesn't mean that if the NFL whines to youtube/google they won't pull it just for easiness sake --as we've seen at the orangemane.)

or, as the nfl sees it:
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