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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
1. This is hilarious.

2. Did you remove Perna from your avatar?

3. Linda Carter huh? Nice.
1. Admittedly I might've overreacted.

2. Yes, but that's because of the restraining order.

3. Well ya know, got to love the classics right. That woman is still hot, so if I had to go bi- she's not a bad choice.

And screw it, the truth is that Baja was right, I loooove's been so hard keeping it all to myself, but it's true. I write I heart Brandon all over my work papers and sometimes on my hand. Oddly I also draw large penis awards and curse words too. My love knows no bounds, except the 50 yards required by restraining order, but beyond that, no bounds. Must find a new avatar now to express this love....

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