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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
I respect that you offered this with class....but your numbers are flawed. There are no allowances for variables in regards to the offensive and defensive statistics. You did not adjust for defensive scores when using the PPG or either teams offense (which inflate the stats) or defense (which inflates the points allowed). There is no account in the like opponents analysis for the health of either team (for Example playing Jax with Henne and Blackmon or playing with Gabbert and no Blackmon).

and to wrap that up, it doesn't take into account individual match-ups. Strengths vs. Weaknesses. Numbers don't occur in a vacuum.
I may have oversimplified it a bit for the sake of time and space and look how long the post was anyway! Perhaps you would like to do the adjusted analysis and correct my numbers?

Like I said, the numbers are only an indicator but I think in general my analysis holds up. Points scored are based on a sampling against 9 different teams and points allowed are adjusted for these two specific teams, based on the competition they have faced.

Accounting for different players being in or out is hypothetical and very difficult to quantify with specific numbers.
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