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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
Man I don't see Oregon dropping THAT far. They lost by 6 on the road to the #5 team.

That said, I think the LSU-Alabama game was won all the way back on LSU's first drive...the fumble on what should've been a TD. Then the fumbled snap, that was a HUGE swing. I mean, think about it, LSU could've gone into the half up 21-14, field goal to go up 24-14. Momentum and morale is huge in sports.
Alabama is very good, but I do think they are vulnerable. I do think against FSU, it will be a very good game. Close.

Side note, I hate the hype up of McCarron for Heisman. Why, just because he happens to be on the best team?
The 6 point loss was kinda decieving, they got some garbage points in the end, but were physically manhandled. I agree that Bama looked more vulnerable than I thought they would. There is a very decent chance they could lose the season finale at Auburn. For Heisman, as much as I hate the guy I think Winston is the most deserving at the moment.
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