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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
SoCals Top 25

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Baylor
4. Ohio State
5. Stanford
6. Auburn
7. Missouri
8. Oregon
9. Clemson
10. Michigan State
11. Oklahoma State
12. Texas A&M
13. South Carolina
14. UCLA
15. UCF
16. LSU
17. Louisville
18. Wisconsin
19. Northern Illinois
20. Oklahoma
21. Arizona State
22. Fresno State
23. USC
24. Duke
25. Texas
Man I don't see Oregon dropping THAT far. They lost by 6 on the road to the #5 team.

That said, I think the LSU-Alabama game was won all the way back on LSU's first drive...the fumble on what should've been a TD. Then the fumbled snap, that was a HUGE swing. I mean, think about it, LSU could've gone into the half up 21-14, field goal to go up 24-14. Momentum and morale is huge in sports.
Alabama is very good, but I do think they are vulnerable. I do think against FSU, it will be a very good game. Close.

Side note, I hate the hype up of McCarron for Heisman. Why, just because he happens to be on the best team?
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