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Originally Posted by ak1971 View Post
unless you are looking to kill real estate agents.. Don't need some useless idiot to drive me around in their Lexus

Not kill them. Make them efficient to where they are actually writing contracts, negotiating, and closing the deal. In other words getting paid for the services they actually perform thus savy everybody money and saving the agents time. It's a win win.

The days of having to drive someone around are just about over. Most people find their own homes anyway yet still pay 3% to the agent. Pointless.

We're changing the way buyers AND sellers find one another. Agents will still be needed to put the pieces together unless both parties are experienced with buying/selling. Unlikely.

Trying to figure out how to fix the "idiot lenders" but there have been over 200 pieces of legislation from our Idiot government to regulate them the last few years so most have no clue what they are doing. Just joking with the idiot lender crack. There are some good ones left in the industry.

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