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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by ludo21 View Post
Nuggets suck, what is going on?

Also Suns 2-1 baby!!
I'm totally shocked at how decent this rag tag fleet is. They had both the Thunder and the Spurs on the ropes and only lost in the final minute. Very close games. Did you hear the the Spurs fans in that game at the When they finally took the lead with like 40 seconds left, it sounded like game 7 of the finals or something. Hahaha, that rag tag group from Phoenix just about shocked their world. Too bad Bledsoe slipped on some floor sweat on his final shot, which would have given them the lead. No worries, it's still fun to watch this team. Gawd it is so much better watching a young athletic team get after it vs watching an old and slow crippled team just trying to hang on.
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