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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Not sure if you're aware of this,
Oh look, another silly, failed attempt to condescend.

but in the aggregate, employers compete for the most in-demand workers.
Which is exactly what I am saying. Want to retain employees, you have two options:

a.) pay them enough to keep them from going else ware (what's needed in a healthy market).

b.) use your market power to crush the competition, making yourself the only employer option for lots of folks. Then boost your margins by relying on public subsidy of your payroll since your employees have no other option. Finally, convince average rubes that you're a net benefit because the number on your receipt is a bit lower for a few things (nevermind that their tax bill just increased as much if not more than the "discount") Laugh all the way to the bank in the caymens. aka, The Wal-Mart Way (TM)
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