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Yes & no. Cruz was doing himself a favor and giving a big F.U. to everyone else including the Republican party. Had the Teatards sat back and let this website mess unfold then they'd be sitting much prettier right now. This was about one man wanting to create a tough guy rep for the upcoming pres. election. Which will IRONICALLY only screw the very movement his followers champion because there's no way he's electable by the national population now. But he'll get just enough traction in the presidential primary and caucuses to scorch any truly electable conservative.

Then we can all enjoy the haters throwing three year old tantrums because now a woman will be in the oval office. Out with the black man in with the woman. Continue the hate fest. Rinse and repeat. Come to think about it, that might just be the ticket for the tea party to retain their numbers. Maybe that's really the diabolical long term plan all along.

Back to the Obamacare website mess & mandate. They had to (from their standpoint) launch it now so it wouldn't muddy the electoral waters coming up. They should be able to fix the bugs in the months to come. This whole system is going to require constant fixes, changes & tweaks anyway to work.

Computer software\hardware developers have been doing the same sort of thing for years. roll out a defective product to meet a deadline then worry about patching it later. Sure people b**** about it, but they'll buy the next years version every time because their last game/program eventually worked. We all have super short memories.

And if the worst case scenario happens, and the site/registration system is never able to get patched together in time... then he can always throw the Republicans a bone with delaying the mandate anyway.
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