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The Right Wing ideologues will never get it, but historians know. The only reason this kind of wealth disparity and this rigged-game economics are allowed to stand is because the propaganda (and the bread and circuses) are good enough to keep the blinders on the 90% who are getting ****ed. At some point, as it always does, the blinders come off. Who knows? Maybe Marx was right? Maybe the greed of the capitalist is incurable? All I know is, the mega-rich in America are sawing off the branch upon which they are sitting.

I certainly don't favor this kind of class war, as it will be bloody and extremely nasty, and once started, nobody can control where such things end up. I would prefer some form of democratic socialism that ensures every American a square deal, but given what I see right now, out of control capitalism and cronyism, I think it is inevitable. Like Warren Buffett said, of course there is a class war going on in America, "...and my side is winning."
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