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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I would say you have it totally backwards when it came to the Lacy pick. It's not long term people were concerned about. He'll eventually heal. It was the short term, not knowing if that problem toe would keep him off the field parts of this year. The Broncos went with the option they felt would give them the best talent but without risk of a current or lingering injury. And to be quite honest, you can't judge these guys in just 1/2 a season. Lacy is a starting RB getting all the carries. Ball had his chance early but made a few mistakes. Moreno has stepped it up big time and thus forcing Ball to 2nd string.
No, it is a long term issue with Lacy. The toe problem puts more stress on the rest of his leg/knee/hip and will progressively cause him more issues in the future. It was assumed that he would be fine at first but his health would deteriorate after a few years. Although most RB's don't do much after their first contract anyway, so I'm not sure why so many passed on him.

As far as Ball is concerned, he has definitely shown flashes, but the consistency isn't nearly there yet. He's a wreck pass blocking and receiving out of the backfield, which I think is a rookie thing. He hasn't looked terrible running the ball, but doesn't really know what to do if there's no hole and often goes down easier than he should. When the zone read play is set up well by the line he looks great, but that happens 1 out of every 5 runs. I'm sure we'll see more consistency as he gets more comfortable.
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