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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by broncofan2438 View Post
Trust me John, I tried to tell my party this but they insisted we buy when we did. It was the only way we could all make sure we sat together. It's once a year so I'm not gonna think about it too much. It's all fun and games right
Oh, I understand especially a big group. I am speaking of one or two tickets to purchase. I know it would suck to have a good tailgate spot and then everyone is out hunting for tickets all over the stadium.

Delany, last two seasons I have bought at stadium and purchased singles which are always cheaper. After I gave up my group SD season tickets, I bought on Friday on CL from a local SD season ticket holder. THere were 2100 tickets on exchange yesterday so monitor how many are going down (or up..hopefully). The more there are near Sunday, the panic will set in on some sellers.
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