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Originally Posted by fontaine View Post
It's not really about the value Denver places on Decker, it's about the value he places on himself as a free agent.

Is he the best WR on the team? No.
Is he the best WR in a weak FA class? Probably yes.

Decker's going to want to see what's out there as a free agent. He would be stupid otherwise given the weak WR class at FA and the number of teams that would be lining up to outbid Denver for him.

I just don't see us competing with that given our other FAs, not just this offseason but in '15.

That's why Tamme is so important. Losing Decker to FA isn't going to be such a big loss if we can still run two TE sets with JT/Tamme and have Welker/DT as well.
This was my point. I don't advocate letting Decker go, but I also don't advocate paying him so much money that it hurts us somewhere else.
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