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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Perhaps you've forgotten that the Jake Plummer lead Denver Broncos were the team to kill the Patriots dynasty and hand Tom Brady his first ever play off loss?

Perhaps you've also forgotten that the Jake Plummer lead Denver Broncos, dynasty killers, were slaughtered in humiliating, record-setting fashion by Peyton ****ing Manning on more than one occasion?
I remember the first very well ... Ashley Lelie drew a 50-yard PI to the one-yard line... Brady intercepted by Champ, 100 yards later Ben Watson caught up ... and just a few months ago Tommy Nails said he thought the Patriots had spied on the Broncos practice that week. Probably did, but Brady's slipper came off anyway.

And Peyton's ownership of orange? Like clockwork it was... three straight years he destroyed us in that doom. Errrr... dome. Weird part is we ended the regular season in a couple of those years against Manning too. Well, Manning in street clothes gesturing at Jim Sorgi all day.

I agree with you that our supporting cast is much better, but to me ... honestly I think Brady might be the best football player ever.
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