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Originally Posted by misturanderson View Post
Are there actually 5% of people legitimately losing their health insurance or are they being automatically enrolled in a similar plan that conforms to what is required by the ACA? Because I got a notice of the latter myself. I'm not losing my insurance, but I am not going to be covered under the same plan I was initially (because it didn't conform to the new standards).
I don't know about how they're able to roll you into a complaint plan. They might try, but two caveats to look out for (from what I've gathered over the last few weeks)

One, if you're anywhere near subsidy eligible, you shouldn't purchase insurance directly from the company. It has to go through the exchange (which doesn't work) or you can't receive the federal subsidy.

Two, the health networks are potentially much more restrictive than many people are used to. And there's not a lot of good information yet on which providers plans will cover. If you're the kind of person who has a near-intimate relationship with a provider, you'll probably want to do the leg work to make sure whatever they're moving you to (or that you pick on your own) covers the providers you want to see.
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