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Meh. Anyone can.

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I'd also take a pair, if I can't get a single.

Could maybe work out a trade for potential future playoff tickets as well.

Like me paying something like $300 for a pair of comparable seats to the Chiefs and you can have dibs on a pair of my potential first-round playoff tix for the same price. If it's an AFC Championship game, that's a no-go because I'm definitely going if that happens.

Or in the depressing event that no playoff home games happen , maybe you could have dibs on any of 7 home games next season. I'd say 8, but there's a big group trip that relies on my tickets, so I need to be able to reserve whichever game that turns out to be. Again, I'd match whatever price we could agree on for this game.

Or worst case you can forget it and keep the money

I'm in the upper SS. So other SS seats would be ideal, but I'm listening to any offers or ideas. There really should be a site or at least a more active thread for this kind of thing.

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