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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Well originally it was suppose to be 0%.

Now white house claims 5% or 15,000,000.

So if they are claiming 5% you can bet the number is much much higher. Only time will tell.
No question. Obama made numerous speeches telling people "you can keep your insurance." There were no "buts" included in any of them. And it's not just rich people who are being hurt in this. Many people who can not afford a hike in their premiums are being affected and liked the coverage they had. It is unbelievable how Obama supporters actually think it is their business what coverage you should have and determine if the one you have had is "good enough." Funny how liberals like to proclaim they are the ones for tolerance and getting out of people's lives and protecting rights, yet they support crap like this. Hypocrites.
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