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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
with a practice squad QB? I think not.

The rankings are based partly on strength of opponent but we have played virtually the same type of schedule as the Chiefs. I don't think we have it any easier in the 2nd half.
Well said. Both teams have a tougher 2nd half schedule, and still have something to prove to a degree. After all neither KC or Denver has won a game against a team with a winning record all season.

I'd also argue the West is significantly stronger than any pundit claimed or pretended to know before the season. There is a high likelihood that SD will also make the playoffs- or come up extremely close to making it, and even Oakland should flirt around the .500 level. They have played close even in losses like, for example, taking Indy down to less than the final 2 minutes before the Colts were able to fend off a go-ahead score by the Raiders for the victory.
The point being is that division teams play at the least 87.5% of the same teams as the rest of their division rivals. The strength of the West this year and all facing common opponents has skewed some of the teams faced that are quality wins and will end up with better overall records when all 16 regular season games have been played. Obviously I'm not talking about Jacksonville as an example.
People are too quick to formulate snap judgments that rely upon last year's play and performance, even though year after year for quite some time there is at least a 50% turnover in new teams that make the playoffs from the following year. Turnaround is very rapid in the NFL these days- both going up and going down.
Before the season you would assume the super bowl winning Baltimore Ravens would be a tougher matchup then playing the Buffalo Bills. I know I would have. Except those 2 teams have actually played one another and the Bills beat them. Point being is numbers don't ever tell the whole story, and opinions are often biased by preconceived notions that rooted in limited familiarity and a lack of all the facts.
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