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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Most fund raisers usually have a target. How does a community know if it's pulling it's weight via donations if there is no goal? I think that's what people are saying. I think this is the reason why the donation model hasn't worked all that well here in the past but just an opinion and I really don't know. If google clicks is where the party is at so be it. Nobody was suggesting TJ lay out his tax returns!
Don't know the thought process of everyone else that suggested donations, but for myself I wasn't trying to say that donations can replace google ad sense or other ad revenue.

Was saying that the donations could help cover some of the cost of the board, while also allowing a Club Member board for people to post "girlie pictures." It is my understanding that with Google adsense, you can choose what sections of your message board where you want ads to display. Is that incorrect? Is there anything stopping a message board from having ads on every forum, but one? And would that one forum, not receiving any money from google, really be something google would object to?
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