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Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
Google isn't dictating what we can and cannot have here, dude. They're dictating what we can and cannot have here if we want to receive money from them. I'm supremely anti-bigasscorporation, but it seems to me like you're indeed overreacting. They're not setting the rules, they're setting their terms.

I don't understand any of the resistance to this, honestly. It's so black-and-white. You'd turn down dependable, constant revenue simply for the ability to post a bunch of pictures that might be titillating to a twelve-year old boy?

Google: "You can have our money, but we're not going to give it to you if there are a bunch of what we have deemed to be indecent photographs on the board."
You: "You're not the boss of us! We can do what we want! Those cheesy half-naked women are essential to our community and our ability to have an enjoyable message board about sports and other topics!"

I don't get it.
Same thoughts I had.

Don't see how this can possibly be a big deal at all.
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