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I think the people that wanted to see what it costs to run the place wanted to try and help and wanted to contribute to keep a community they enjoy and have been involved in for a long time as free as possible from corporate bull****.

It's clear that Google kicks in enough cash around here to call the shots. Nothing wrong with making a profit, that's what our country is all about. Google pays the bills and then some. Google is the Mane's sugar daddy and that's the way it is.

A lot of people are making this all about wondering why people are upset about not being able to post pics of semi-nude girls....and they are missing the greater overall point.

The overall point is that many posters oppose this corporate bull**** infringing their rules on a community they have been involved in for a long time. They don't like someone coming in and setting the rules for them....someone whose never participated in one thread on this board. The Orange Mane is simply a small site amongst their thousands and thousands of larger or smaller sites to them....a line amongst thousands of other lines.

So sorry if some people seem upset and want to try and maintain some say in a community that they have spent countless hours in over the years.

It's not about not getting to post pics of chicks, which sucks, but it's sucks more knowing whose calling the shots around here. I liked it more when I thought Taco and some mods were calling the shots, as they were members of the community. Not some Google bull**** laden blanket rules.

**** it, I'm probably just overreacting as I don't like to see **** like this happen and have rules enforced by some lame corporation....there's just something about it that stinks that I don't like and it sticks in my craw.

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