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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I honestly had no idea that the happy birthday girl was a porn star and that her name was Melissa Midwest.

I'm more conservative than most I would say, and I actually think overly strict rules of "no girls pics" probably isn't a great way to go. I am not for porn or objectification of women, but I don't believe going nuclear on all girl pictures makes a whole lot of sense for a football board. Just my thoughts.
The problem is that Google will not tell you what is being violated and where. They are notorious for shutting people down and not telling them the exact offense. They say it is part of their secret sauce and can't give that away. It's BS, they just can and do wield their mighty sword.

So TJ has to be strict so that he can get back to the revenue only Google can bring.

I also find it funny that people are demanding TJ show his financials. He isn't a non-profit. He also doesn't charge anyone to come here. So why in the hell are people demanding revenue streams reports.
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