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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I honestly had no idea that the happy birthday girl was a porn star and that her name was Melissa Midwest.

I'm more conservative than most I would say, and I actually think overly strict rules of "no girls pics" probably isn't a great way to go. I am not for porn or objectification of women, but I don't believe going nuclear on all girl pictures makes a whole lot of sense for a football board. Just my thoughts.
I would agree. I think I probably over corrected. Our server fees aren't trivial, especially in this economy, and as the tone of the thread title shows, after having two appeals denied, I probably overreacted.

At this point, however, I just want to give a good effort in giving an appeal one last push. I don't think it is things like avatars and cheerleaders that the algorithms are catching. It's more like the risque stuff like images of a porn star two pictures before she loses all her clothes, and other such questionable images. The stuff we want to filter out anyway.
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