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John Elway

Originally Posted by rolandftw View Post
I have no idea how much it costs to run this site. But other websites have club memberships. Not an obligation, but you pay $15-25 yearly to help the site out, and maybe get some perk like access to a Club Member forum. Dunno how many people would have to do that to keep the site running though
Yep, I like this idea. I donated to a free message board I used to frequent years ago. You got a little icon next to your username that showed you were a "Pal" (that's what it was called). You got access to a "Pals-only" forum. You got to have a signature and also a larger avatar size.

The OM as we know it, free and beautiful, would still exist as it does now. Because I know TJ doesn't want to make it a pay site. But those little perks would bring in (perhaps) enough donations to keep the site running.

EDIT: I think there were 4 levels...platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. Different donation amounts and of course, better perks the more you give. But again, the basic premise of the message board was still free to anyone and everyone. Just like now.

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