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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by crush17 View Post
How much is the site/bb renewal? Has that been answered yet?

All we need to do is set up a paypal donation site and just make sure everyone knows the site won't be up if TJ doesn't get the funds.

I've seen it on countless other message boards, they just ask for donations and the community comes through.
I think what Taco would prefer is if we all donated what we could or what we thought the site was worth to us without him having to be a bad guy and say I need $XX.XX from everyone or I am going to shut down this site. Plus it is a pain in the ass to go track membership renewals etc...

Just do what I do, at least once a year, usually around the 1st of the year, I paypal Taco what I can afford to for my years worth of usage. I sure wish it could be a lot more and hopefully once a few things get sorted out it will be but I do this on my own. I figure for all the time I am on this site I can give back something.
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