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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Exactly Obama owns the shutdown. All he had to do was just before shutdown offer up a yr delay to Obamacare. Now you watch he will delay it anyways. So lets say he only delays it 6 mos. That means Obama shut down the govt, did all that BS over 6 mos.

Obama is a horrid leader. The world govts hate us more now, Egypt hates us, Israel hates us, Russia pissed, the EU pissed, Brazil upset, Saudis pissed off, Iran heading towards a bomb and Obamacare a trainwreck.

Congrats on your hope and change.
Again you're FOS as usual. The last thing any president should do is negotiate when extortion is being used as a negotiation tactic. Rethugs shutdown the government in hopes that obama & democrats would be weak and cave in to their extortion. It failed miserably. Everyone knowa it was rethugs that shutdown everything.
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